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imgMore than a decade ago, I started working with websites and developed an internet presence for the company for which I was working at the time. I also learned how to optimize this website to achieve search engine rankings, and I setup PPC accounts with Yahoo and MSN and learned how to buy traffic and send it to our corporate website.

Fascinated with the WWW I also started to dabble in some projects of my own. I founded and ran a small Search Engine Optimization company on weekends and at night. I also wrote an e-book and begin to marketing it on my own website. I was soon earning over $3000/mo without a lot of effort and at its peak this little product earned almost $7000 per month.

In 2005, after 25 years in the corporate world, I resigned from my full time job and went to work for myself, putting my internet skills to work on a full time basis. Today I own and operate six ecommerce sites as well as several other informational and non-profit sites.

As a consultant I provide you with practical, real world advice and answers, based upon my own experience. It’s not rocket science, but it is ten years of education in the online college of the World Wide Web. It’s something you too could learn over time, but I can save you a tremendous amount of time and mistakes whether assisting a new business to get up and running, or an existing business that wants to increase its online presence. was founded in 2009. It is a natural outgrowth of my decade plus of internet marketing and business experience. Based in Doylestown, PA we serve not only local Bucks County and Pennsyvania, but also clients across the country.

We work on all types and sizes of project and work on both an hourly and a fixed cost basis. Please feel free to contact us for a no-cost, introductory, consultation.

Here is a partial listing of areas of expertise. This list is not meant to be comprehensive, so if you don’t see something here, please feel free to ask.

  • Selecting an ISP
  • Register a domain name
  • Hosting Your Website
  • Shared or Dedicated Hosting
  • Shared or Exclusive IP address
  • Designing Your Website
  • Building Your Website
  • Designing a logo
  • Ecommerce Products
  • Product Definition
  • Price Points
  • Testing copy and price points
  • Shopping Carts
  • Setting Up An Affiliate Programs
  • Joining Affiliate Program
  • SSL certificates
  • Setting Up Email Accounts
  • Opt-in Lists
  • Bulk Email/List CompaniesAutoresponders
  • Email Spam
  • Server Blacklisting
  • Internet marketing
  • Banner/CPA/CPC/CPM advertising
  • Google/Yahoo/MSN
  • SEO Optimization/Natural Search Engine Ranking
  • Online Help Desks
  • Split Testing
  • Linking Strategies
  • Outsourcing Sites
  • Helpful Software Tools
  • Blogs
  • EBAY
  • Paypal
  • Trial Pay Offers
  • Credit Cards
  • Merchant Accounts
  • Alexa/Quantcast
  • Pop Up
  • Layers Windows
  • Email Capture Programs
  • Membership Sites
  • PPC Spy
  • Quick Books
  • Webposition
  • Social Bookmarking
  • MySpace/FaceBook Twitter
  • You Tube